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  • 5 things men hate about women but do not say

    These are only 5 things women do that men hate, and there are probably many more. There are probably more than 5 things women dislike about things that men do as well. To improve any relationship, both genders should work towards bettering ourselves and avoiding these annoying habits. 1. Women hate admitting they are wrong […]

  • 7 Common Reasons Why Women Fall Out Of Love

    Most women do not consider love as something fleeting in their lives. They fight long and hard to keep love alive and to make things work. But it’s not just up to them. Love without reciprocity and without care will inevitably fade. 1. Love fades away with tears… Tears are powerful. They really do have […]

  • If You Don’t Know These Things Before You Are 23 Years – You Might Suffer In Life

    In life there are mistakes that shouldn’t have happened or mistakes that could have been avoided but they weren’t because the person was not prepared or aware of this things. My teachers use to say to be forewarned is to be fore harm. If you are young you’re still lucky to know this before time […]


    Whether we were 15 or 25, we all remember our first kiss. And a first kiss with anyone new is always – or at least it should be – exciting, with sparks flying and a feeling of fizzy potential. But as relationships progress and the honeymoon period passes, it’s all too common for couples to […]

  • 5 Sacrifices You Should Never Make In A Relationship

    Maintaining a successful relationship with someone takes a lot of sacrifices and compromises to be with each other — that’s just part of being in a partnership. But, there are some sacrifices you should never make in a relationship, no matter how much you love the person you’re in a relationship with. The truth about […]