bosmic otim

Bosmic Otim Arrested On Monday.

Legendary singer and people power activist in the Northern region of  Uganda Bosmic Otim was arrested yesterday in the afternoon at cereleno market for holding an illegal political rally and is still under police detention.
Bosmic an artist turned politician is an active member of the political pressure group called people power uganda and the Deputy Youth wing for Northern Uganda was arrested by police men in uniform and drove off the rally venue to Gulu Central Police station in a police van.
Bosmic was addressing a crowd full of market vendors at the time when police conquered the venue and stopped the rally.
Reliable sources puts it that Bosmic Otim who had been permitted to organize the rally at Kaunda grounds decided to change the venue to Cereleno market and this made the police to take an immediate action against him.
This is not the first time an occurrence like this is happening taking an example of a few months ago when Bosmic’s rally was stopped by police at Gulu Main market and looking at several related cases mainly in the people power camp.





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