“Bobi Wine Has Done Nothing Good For Fellow Musicians/Artists”- Ragga Dee Stings

Singer turned Politician Kazibwe Dan aka Ragga says Bobi Wine has done nothing good for fellow musicians ever since he joined parliament as a representative for Kyandondo East constituency.

While appearing on a TV show yesterday in the evening, the “digida” Singer openly expressed his disappointment in the ghetto president noting that he expected him to have done a lot for fellow musicians in his position as member of parliament.

In his statement, Ragga Dee was quoted as saying: “Bobi wine has nothing good he has done for fellow musician ever since he joined parliament”

He goes ahead to call Bobi Wine as selfish man who only cares about himself and his family, “he is so selfish he only cares about himself and his family, he has even failed to table copyright law to parliament for artists , now that he is eyeing presidential seat “

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