Big Trill Thinks Party After Is the Biggest Ugandan Song of The Year 2019.

This is crazy, big trill is so much convinced that his party after song remains the greatest tune ever produced in Uganda in the year 2019.

Trill’s confidence surely stems from the fact that his heavy bass song with a simple and catchy chorus that goes like, ‘party after party, party after party, party after party after party after party’ on a dancehall beat and two verses of raps in English is now the greatest club banger and a popular anthem in the circles of partiers most especially youth.

He made this known via his socials and claims that people used to tell him that his style of music will not be understood by Ugandans because its too urban and that some people goes ahead to ask him to change his style and start rapping in Luganda hoping that things might work in his favor that way.

But contrary to whatever people used to say Big Trill never turned away from the direction he was headed until he dropped his greatest hit of all times party after party that took airwaves by storm not only in Uganda but also in other countries across the continent of Africa like Rwanda and Zambia to mention just two.

Well, do you think this song really takes the top spot and should we all crown it as the biggest tune 2019 ever had. Drop your views below in the comment section.

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