Ashburg Kato Unleashes Bobi Wine’s Top Secrets Without Fear, Puts His 2021 mission at stake

After signing up with the national ruling party NRM, controversial facebook blogger Ashburg Kato has been faced with so much hatred and backlash from the people power camp his former movement.

Former mates at people power jumps on Kato’s case naming him traitor, good for nothing fellow and money minded lunatic who sold his soul for cheap dollar.

Having had enough of the insults the former people power publicity personnel Ashburg Kato hits back by revealing inner secrets in Bobi Wine’s crumbling camp.

According to Ashburg, Bobi Wine will continue to loose loyal friends to the ruling party because of his selfishness and mean character.

In heated exchanges with Facebook fans a seemingly dejected and fed up Ashburg threatened to release whats App chats where Bobi Wine’s close friends like Eddy Mutuwe and Joseph Washington have always complained about the singer’s stinginess

The screen shot below is of Ashburg’s comment unleashing some of Bobi Wine’s hidden secrets
Ashburg Kato screenshot

Ashburg Kato/FB-image

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