Acholi Community and Fans Mocks Bosmic Otim Over Terrible 2019 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examinations (UACE) Performance.

Acholi community and fans of Bosmic Otim could not hold their tongue any longer as they decide to openly mock the son of the soil over his terrible performance in the 2019 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education examinations.

Bosmic otim sat for UACE examinations in the names of Otim Bosmic Joyce, index number U0226/507 from Gulu Hall Center hosted at St. josephs college Layibi In Gulu Municipality together with other 49 students ended up with F9 In General Paper, F in History, F in CRE, F in Arts and X in CST.

When the news of his poor performance leaked, the internet went wild for a minute with almost all social media users taking multiple shots at Otim.

The first group to throw stones at him were members of people power pressure group, a movement he cut ties with about two months ago to join NRM, the Uganda national ruling party. People power blames Bosmic for being an opportunist who is money minded, defaming their movement and yelling false accusations at their president Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu AKA Bobi Wine.

Acholi people who had put all their eggs in one basket entrusting Bosmic Otim as the only freedom fighter from the land of acholi hates bosmic otim for changing to NRM party, a movement he has been preaching against for over a decade through his songs.

All these anger against Otim turned his failure into a laughing subject among people he is not in good terms with. However, he is playing deaf ear to all the people criticizing his results.

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