2 Things Lydia Jasmine and Fik Fameica are trying to hide from the public

For long, Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica have been rumored to be dating, something that got their fans really talking. No one is sure of what’s really going on between the two celebrities because every time they open up about they say it’s work related and that’s what you should believe.

But, when I look at all this from a personal perspective a lot of questions comes to my head and I kind of just feel like Lydia Jasmine and Fik Fameica are not ready yet to let a few cats out the bag. I think they are hiding the two things I’m going to talk about below:

1- Lydia Jasmine and Fik Fameica are playing the public

Just like it happend with Nigerian artists wizkid and Tiwa Savage back in 2018 when rumors about them dating was at it’s peak and the artists decided to co- star in a romantic music video for “fever” I so think that Jasmine and Fik are also trying to milk the situation to their benefit by doing a collaboration together dubbed ‘Bingi’.

The song, officially owned by Lydia Jazmine, is a love song with an interesting love story depicted by the two singers who are rumored to be dating in the visuals directed by Sasha Vybz. They portray a gangster lifestyle of a couple on a heist.

2- Are the two celebrities in serious romantic relationship and cohabiting?

This is another question that comes to mind. Whether the couple are in a serious romantic relationship or living in an apartment together am not quite sure. It looks to me as if they are living together but all I can say is that they do not want you to know that much about them. All we see are the beautiful moments they have together in pics they occasionally share online.

Those are the two main things I think the couple are trying not to let the public know.

Do you think Lydia Jasmine and Fik Fameica makes a perfect couple?. Leave your comments below.

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